New Booth Design & Production:

Our team approach is tailored to satisfy all of your expected and unexpected needs. Each participant provides extensive knowledge to guarantee the success of your exhibit’s outcome.

Our fabrication capabilities go beyond the mere wood shop and graphic environment. We have an array of quality artists and craftsmen with a wide variety of disciplines and skills to draw from.

This includes design, detailing, carpentry, fiberglass, metal, mechanical and electronic talent, creating the most intriguing animated and interactive display solutions.

Our manufacturing facility is located on the Jersey Shore in a 50,000 sq. ft. historical Silk Factory renovated with offices, showroom and a completely modern wood shop, configured to show and produce quality exhibits with a diverse selection of materials.

On-site 3D graphic production and CNC routing enhance our production capabilities. With the production process starting with realistic, to-scale CAD renderings, we can examine, enhance, and confirm the exhibit construction process prior to actual fabrication, saving time and money.

Project Management:

Accurate and immediate response is the goal of our account management team system. Our goal is to make the process of getting to the show as smooth and successful as possible.

Your account executive has the primary responsibility for the management of your account. He or she will be your first point of contact and coordinate the entire account team. Your account executive will mobilize appropriate resources on your behalf.  Other members of the management team will play a part in planning and supporting good service for your account as needed.

Your account executive and coordinator have the comprehensive knowledge of your display(s) activities and needs. Your coordinator will assist your account executive in all levels of account services, with both domestic & international coordination and show services. When your account executive is not available, communications should be directed to your coordinator.

Our production manger works closely with the coordinator ensuring that each project or event is scheduled and handled without compromise for the best possible result in a timely fashion.

Complete Show Services:

The services necessary to conduct a successful trade show marketing program, sales meeting or promotional event are numerous.

KAI has the in-house capabilities to handle all aspects of services required for your specific needs. In addition to planning, design, fabrication and storage services, we provide the following services upon request. 

  • Negotiating for an exhibit space
  • Pre-show site inspection
  • Freight forwarding
  • Regional warehousing
  • Arrangement for all necessary show services, including:

Installation & Dismantling.  With a network of I&D affiliates within each major exhibition area and four (4) qualified in-house field supervisors, we can manage any and all of your installation and dismantling requirements.

Shipping: Our carriers have direct access to our shipping department and company management team 24/7 to manage any situation that may arise when delivering any project. With advancement in GPS technology, we can confirm the location of a delivery in a moment’s notice.  Our carriers will also come in and spot-check your materials prior to pick up at show site.

We can order and arrange any or all the services you require from one venue to the next. We can also store your materials according to their itinerary, to save on shipping and reduce wear and tear of your displays.

Rental Program:

We offer a complete range of rental solutions from lightweight pop-up displays to custom and two-story rental configurations. Our worldwide network allows us to integrate, into rental designs, a full spectrum of services, from audio visual to specialty furnishings that can enhance each project.

Pre-estimated full “Turn-Key” rental programs can be developed to eliminate any guesswork or budget surprises.

Creative Services:

Collateral Material: Building brands with an unexpected level of creativity.

  • Pre-Show Mailers / Postcards
  • Sell Sheets
  • Promotional Products
  • Brochures
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Digital Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Annual Reports

Corporate ID: The cornerstone of powerful marketing communications.

Logo development and comprehensive corporate identification programs are among the most important creative & intellectual services that we provide at Klose Associates.

Successful branding provides a positive & unique first impression in your customer’s mind


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