The Fastpak Exhibit System is designed for the discriminate company looking for portability, and ease of setup, in their tradeshow exhibit, without sacrificing style and beauty. Fastpak Products are manufactured in our high-tech, eco-friendly manufacturing facility, using recyclable and/or sustainable materials, with minimal waste, to ensure a more responsible product to the enviornment.

Featured Projects

The EX Line sets up simply and easily, without the use of tools, using our proprietary hand tightening knobs. In addition, the whole EX Line fits into portable, UPS-able cases for easy shipping to any destination.

EX Line: 10x10 Exhibits

EX LINE: 10X20 & 20x20 EXHIBITS

EX LINE: Counters & Pedestals

EX LINE: Literature Holders

EX LINE: Kiosks

EX LINE: Accessories

The XV & XR Lines take the common extrusion system to the next level, by simplifing the construction and fastening methods of standard components, and providing turn-key kits that are visually balanced and functional. Portability and ease of set-up are also an important feature for the XV & XR Line. The displays are easier to set-up, and ship more compactly, than any similar products.

XV LINE: 10x10 & 10x20 Exhibits

XV LINE: Accessories


XR LINE: 10X20 & 20x20 EXHIBITS

XR LINE: Accessories

XR LINE: Exhibit Concepts