Budget Internet Displays: The internet has become more and more the first stop for people, when shopping for portable displays and exhibits.  One problem with this practice is, most people only look for the lowest price, and do not worry about the quality of the product they are buying; and most internet display companies will not explain the pros and cons to you about buying a Budget Display vs a Higher Quality Display.  That’s why Klose Associates has partnered up with some of the top domestic and international manufacturers of Budget Displays.

Even though we take great pride in the quality of our standard line of products, we also know that sometimes it is all about cost savings, and getting the biggest bang for your buck. Because of this need, we now provide a line of Budget Displays that competes with anything you will find on the internet.

Along with providing this economical alternative, we will also educate you on why these products cost less then other standard product lines we offer, and continue to give you the same one on one customer service you would receive, if you were purchasing a custom exhibit.

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Budget Internet Displays 101

Budget Internet Displays 101: A Budget Internet Display may be exactly what you need for your next event, but be careful and educate yourself before you make a decision.  A low price and a pretty picture on a website can be very tempting when you are on a tight budget, but make sure you are getting the best value for your money. You may not need the “Rolls Royce” of displays, but you also do not want to buy a Lemon. One of the downfalls of the internet is, you cannot tell the quality of the product you are buying, by looking at it on a website. Products with very different prices can look very similar online.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing a Budget Internet Display:

  • Lower Price Tag - But remember, buyer beware, you typically get what you pay for.
  • Not As Durable - If you only need a display for 1 or 2 shows a Budget Display may be all you need.  But if you are going to 6 to 12 shows, it may not make it through your whole show season.
  • Limited Warranties - Manufacturer’s Warranties are much more limited on Budget Displays vs Higher End Displays.
  • Lower Quality Engineering - The quality of the material used in Budget Displays are of a lower standard, so the displays tend to be less structurally sound, and wear-out and break easier.
  • Display Setup - Because Budget Displays are designed and engineered for cost, setup at the show can be more difficult and time consuming then you would expect. Higher End Displays are designed for easy and quick setup.
  • Limited Color Matching and Proofing during Graphic Production
  • Limited Customer Service - Klose Associates will fill in this gap for you!